One on One Tutoring

What a lot of parents and students don’t realize is that the big box learning centres don’t offer one to one tutoring and they don’t tell you that. It’s not until the contract has been signed and the student shows up for the first lesson that he/she finds herself sharing a tutor with 2 other students. While that may be of some help it doesn’t come close to how effective one on one tutoring is and ironically they pay more for less. My fees are below those centre fees.


12 Aug 2016
Jane Doe

Highschool Students

The mainstay of what I do is Secondary School Math and grade 4-8 Elementary Math.  Math is one of the most critical of all subjects and for many the most difficult. Times have changed and so has the Ontario Math Curriculum.  Many parents are simply not able to help with the new Math  guidelines.  There are as many different methods of tutoring as there are students, but our system doesn’t allow for that kind of teaching.  One to one tutoring does and accordingly brings about a whole new level of confidence and success.

12 Aug 2016
Jane Doe

Special Need Students

I have a strong background working with special needs students, including PDD students across the spectrum.  These students require empathy and patience but can achieve great success with specialized one on one tutoring. A particularly determined student, Ryan, had multiple disabilities and learning challenges.  He was only able to cope with half days and his processing was slow but he did pass a vigorous grade 11 Advanced Math course.  He taught me that with the right methods patience and determination these students can be very successful in their studies.

12 Aug 2016
Jane Doe

Adult Learners

The adult learners that came to me were upgrading through the college here in Thunder Bay or many of them were preparing for GED.  Others were taking credits through the Adult Education Centre through the Lakehead Board of Education.  All of them that were with me for tutoring, for whatever goals they were trying to reach, were successful in getting the results they wanted.

12 Aug 2016
Jane Doe

Summer School Students

Many of my students started when they were attending summer school to get their Math credit.  They weren’t successful during the semester so with the help of tutoring during the summer school course, they got their credit and stayed on board with tutoring through each semester until they got all their compulsory Math credits for their diploma.  During the summer many of the “regulars’ , non summer school students who were on the semester schedule, come in once a week as well and keep their Math skills current.  This is a great help for them when they return in the fall.

Marguerite Millar

Personal Skills Summary

  • Developed a solid referral base from networking with Multicultural Association of Northwestern Ontario, Lakehead Regional Family Services, The Thunder Bay &District Children’s Aid Society, and Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
  • Proven Mathematics teaching skills-enhanced student grades from D to A+ within 6 months
  • Patient, caring and empathetic individual with a genuine interest in assisting learners
  • Adaptable, innovative and creative thinker able to redirect, motivate and maintain student interest
  • Efficient multi-tasking and organizational skills able to complete administrative tasks in a timely manner
  • Responsible decision maker with a disciplined, self motivated attitude able to lead through example
  • Effectively work under pressure and maintain a well disciplined classroom via positive reinforcement
  • Entrepreneur skills transferable to the classroom environment including: handling unpredictable situations, conflict resolution, managerial delegations and time management skills

Professional Qualifications Summary

  • Demonstrated teaching versatility: taught students from ages 5-60 with varying
    comprehension levels, including behavioural and learning disabled students
  • Sound classroom management:7 years of classroom experience teaching grades K-8 divisions
  • Well developed teaching methodologies able to present educational material by employing
    teaching strategies that effectively address learning styles and abilities: discussions,
    demonstrations, cooperative learning and individualized instructions
  • Implement established lesson plans and exercise professional judgement when introducing
    new material
  • Develop and maintain positive interactions with students, faculty and administrators by
    building a rapport and gaining trust and respect to ensure and environment conducive to
  • Professional Educator with a solid understanding of the trust and ethical responsibilities
  • Highly regarded, respectable individual able to provide a clear background and vulnerability
    sector check
  • Proficient computer skills and current with all Provincial testing mandates


Basic Qualifications & Registration Certificate 2018
Ontario College of Teachers-Primary (grades K-3) Junior (grades 4-6) Intermediate (grades 7-8) Divisions

B. ED-Bachelor of Education Degree ,1988
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON

B. Sc.-Biology/Natural Science Degree,1974
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON

Teaching Experience

Private Educator
Elementary, Secondary, Adult Upgrading & GED Preparatory Instruction 1993-2017

Occasional Teacher
Primary/Junior/Intermediate Division 1988-1993
Jim McCuaig Education Centre, formerly Lakehead Board of Education, Thunder Bay, ON

Occasional Teacher
Primary/Junior/Intermediate Division 1991-1993
Catholic Education Centre, formerly Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Thunder Bay ON

Occasional Teacher
Primary/Junior/Intermediate Division 2008
The Northwest Catholic District School Board, Sacred Heart School, Sioux Lookout ON

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