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Secondary / High School

At this time I am accepting grade 9,10,and 11 Math students only. The grade 12 time slots are reserved for students who have been on board for a minimum of one year. I work directly with the student’s text book -Ontario Math Curriculum-homework, and assignments with a focus on test prep. This results in raised marks. Students are engaged in one-on-one instruction which provides improvement in subject understanding and self-confidence!

Elementary / Primary-Junior

Tutoring is available for Math in the elementary panel. Tutoring is focused on direct involvement of the student’s daily work , assignments and tests. All instruction is one-on-one.

Adult Tutoring

Adults sometimes need a tutor too! If you are struggling with the Math component to the GED(high school equivalency) or entrance exams to Confederation College I can provide help. As always one-on-one tutoring works best but group tutoring at the adult level is possible .

Summer Review

Rates are reduced during July and August. It’s a great opportunity to review the key concepts needs for the upcoming Math year in Sept.


B.Ed Lakehead University

B.Sc.- Lakehead University
Minor-Natural Sciences

Owner /Proprietor
Private Tutoring Services 1993-2016

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